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The Pleasures of Eating Review

January 12, 2012

In a piece called The Pleasures of Eating by Wendell Berry  he mostly focuses on the the way people eat as agricultural participants rather than consumers. He talks a lot about the importance and responsibility of eating. He wants everybody in American to eat responsible so he made a list of things that one can change like preparing your own food and direct observation. He is not a big fan of American farming and rural life and blames them for a lot of America’s eating problems.

My own personal opinion disagrees with Berry. I do think that responsible eating is very important but the only way to ensure that you are eating a healthy piece of meat or fish is to actually get it and prepare it yourself from start, which is not a likely thing. There is a difference between being a paranoid eating and a responsible eater. I do think that some parts of this reading are definitely true. For example I agree with Wendell when he states to learn the origins of where your food came from, preparing your own food and overall just getting knowledgable about food production.

I think that Wendell presents his thoughts straight out that way he means to. He uses a few references from other people to help back his statements up. I do not think that he means to use humor in the reading but I found myself laughing at times at how unrealistic some of his recommendations were. He uses the same thought over and over again, repeating it into the readers head until they understand his main point.


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